Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: Naturactor Cover Face Concealer

I was seeing a number of posts on Naturactor products around Instagram. These are face products like powder, foundation and concealer that are made in Japan. Most people were raving about the concealer in particular, so I decided to get one for myself.

Naturactor Cover Face Concealer in Shade 141

How it looks inside

I had no idea what shade to get, so I had to ask the seller to make a recommendation for my NC25 complexion; she said 141 would suit me, and it does. Here's how the concealer looks next to Studio Fix powder so that you can compare the shades.

Naturactor Cover Face Concealer 141 next to MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC25

My problem area has always been the dark shadows under my eyes. I have them no matter how much sleep I get. So this is pretty much the only area I use concealer.

Eye area without concealer

 Eye area with Naturactor Cover Face Concealer

I love how it covered up my undereye shadows pretty much better than any other concealer I have tried. The redness on the outside corners of my eyes were completely concealed, too. I only use a little bit of product with each use and it's very easy to blend. Just to test it a bit more and see how it performs on other areas of the face, I used the concealer on the bridge of my nose and also on the sides, and on my upper lip. When I set it with Ben Nye banana powder or any loose powder, the concealer does not fade, cake or crease anywhere it is applied, even in humid weather.

I would definitely recommend this concealer to everyone looking for medium to full coverage. I purchased it for P700 from the Cebu-based Instagram seller @vanillafab.

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